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wwaterdad said: angelfish i havve been thinkin that maybe you shoal look into gettin a hobby beside wworld domination i think it wwould be a good fin for your wwell-bein an the human interwweb finder has showwn me some that you wwould enjoy tuna maybe photography or scrapbookin or wwhatevver it is that the flowwer human does wwith her pointy sticks

i dont knoww wwhat youre talkin about im the only damn troll wwho knowws wwhich wway is up anymore 

the only thing i wwant to do wwith the pale humans pointy sticks is ram them in the metaphorical heart of this hoofbeast shit idea

you alwways tried to dampen my natural conquerin spirit and i dont knoww wwhy you couldnt just support me 

  1. wwaterdad said: it isnt healthy to be angry all the time angelfish my magazines said so an anywway wworld domination is not the only goal or the most wworthwwhile one for someone of your talents i mussel say
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